Sunday, January 10, 2010


So Taylor's First Birthday is right around the corner, next friday. I cant believe she's actually going to be a year old! Seems like just yesterday I was laying in bed with her on my chest, so tiny she fit perfectly. Now she is so big, walking and running at times in circles around our house! She is becoming quite the little princess, but rough houses with her daddy like no other. She's very girlie, and is oh so content with lounging in her pottery barn chair while watching her movies. I miss her when I am working, but I think it's important for us to have some time away and experience adult converstation. My sister takes care of her, and she is so good with her. When I go to pick her up, she comes running full force saying " mama! mama!", its the cutest thing I swear. She gets so excited to see Joe too, its the sweetest thing. He is such a good father, loves her with every cell in his body, and helps me so much. Our marriage has hit some rough spots since having a baby, but I think that everyone goes through that when life changes so drastically. Its hard to balance work, love, household, school, and baby. Sometimes something has to give, and you just have to work at it everyday and make sure you still love each other, and most importantly, are IN love with each other.

So, in other news, back in october we found out that, yes, we ARE EXPECTING ANOTHER BABY! Im now almost four and a half months along, due date is in June. I cant believe were adding another one so soon, but we wanted to start trying again when Taylor was still really young, so they would be close in age, and we would be young parents. I would love to be done by the time were 30, so family trips and vaca's are possible, and diapers are out of the way! Were very excited, and find out what were having Feb 4th. After that we will start planning the nursery, the babies will have to share a room, but I have researched both, girl and boy, and we can make it adorable either way. This pregnancy is SO different than taylor. I have gained half a pound so far....( that is really good for me!) and have felt better this time, with the exception of a few mornings, than when I do when Im not pregnant. So we are thinking its a boy =) but you never know. We will reveal names when we know what we are having !

I am still working Mon, Wed, and Fri, and am enjoying my weekends with my family. Here are some pictures , and there will be more coming of Tay's first bday party! Ladybug theme with balloons, cake, friends and family =)

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