Friday, November 27, 2009

First Thanksgiving

Well I have to say that Taylor's first Thanksgiving was a success! We invited both sides, Joe's and mine, over for dinner at one, which came to about 14 people. We have a small house, but everyone was jammed into gills and visiting and loving the company. It was a great sight to look around and see all of the people we love so dearly in one place. I love Moments like that =)

Taylor did extremely well with all of the stimulation. She played with her cousins for a while and then ate some Turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes ( all put into the food processor) Which she absolutley loved! Then she played some more and finally went down for a nap around 3. My father was introduced to our Wii game by my husband, and needless to say a tournament broke out right then and there. The food was awesome, the company great and looking around seeing candles lit, Xmas decor, pies everywhere and people smiling and laughing was the best feeling..Love the Holiday Season!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My how things have Changed!

So its been a while since my last entry! Life has been busy latley. My husband is working non stop with his business and I myself have gone back to work full time ( three days a week =) so we are all juggling the everyday routine of what we call life. Taylor is ten months old now! Its crazy to think how time flies and how fast they actually grow. Everyone tells you that, but until you have your own, its hard to imagine them growing so fast. But they really do , and its amazing to see how she changes everyday.

She pulls herself up on anything and everything she can find these days, and is constantly into everything! I turn my back for two seconds and shes causing more chaos and destruction that I ever could have imagined! Thank goodness our house is baby proof, except for the massive wood stove that sits in the middle of the living room. She doesnt seem to interested with it so far, but we will see. We have a daily routine of waking up around 7, heading out to the living room , giving her a sippy cup and puting on Baby Einstein while mommy goes and gets her coffee. =) Then we play for a while, have a bottle and go down for a morning nap. Then play some more, eat some snacks, run some errands and maybe go for a walk, come home, nap around 2, then head to the gym. She loves loves loves the girls at the gym and she never wants to leave when Im all done and ready. She's such a social butterfly it makes my heart proud to know my daughter is a people person. She smiles at everyone and laughs all day long at just about everything. I look at her sometimes and feel like my heart is going to burst with love for her.

So we are still in our little house, fixing it up slowly. Currently my hubby is working on the driveway and the garage. Today we could hear the nail guns and saws and hammers working away out there. Little by little it will be our dream home, and by that time we will be moving to an even bigger dream home. But until then we are content and happy with life and all of the changes that it brings! I think the secret to life is to be happy with what you have, thankful each and everyday ! I certainly know I am =)