Thursday, August 5, 2010

Babies, Babies, Babies...

Life is flying by, like crazy latley. I have an eighteen month old and a seven week old. I guess when you have two under two, and both still in diapers, the days seem like groundhog day and certainly go by in a blurr of bottles and binkies. I am SO thankful for my life, my healthy , beautiful children, my amazing supportive husband and our wonderful families. My sister ( also our nanny) takes my oldest, Taylor, a couple days and nights a week latley so Joe and I can get some one on one time with Luke. I also gives me the opportunity to get some things done around here ( laundry, cleaning floors, random chores, etc) without a toddler running around after destroying everything in her path. I do have her watch Luke from time to time also, giving us a chance to have one on one time with Taylor and let her know that she is still just as important to us and the baby is not changing any of that. She is still adjusting, getting better everyday. Deffinitly takes some time though!

I go back to work Sept 8th, and my sister, is coming to stay with us for a while. This will be wonderful, for the kids and for Joe and I, seeing as how he works long hours with the business and I work three, 12 hour shifts a week. So getting home at eight at night is a little stressful with two little ones, and having some extra hands is going to be absolutley wonderful! Plus my babies LOVE their auntie....She is so good with them, we are blessed beyond belief.

I try and take every opportunity to thank god for all we have, health and one another. Having two babies so little can be very stressful, but with every kiss and cuddle, every laugh and giggle and every memory that we make as a family takes all of that stress away. I love, love, love my Baby Dolls......

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010


So apparently time flies when your caring for a baby, a husband, taking care of a household, working full time , paying bills, and trying to still maintain some sort of normalcy with society and friends. Its been about six months since Ive blogged and a lot has happend! We found out we were having a boy, and SO thrilled about it. I was put on modified bed rest at 33 weeks for cramping and spotting. My original due date was June 15th (exactly eighteen months after our Taylor was born, and my mom's bday too!) and after a few sono's they changed the date to the 22nd. My water broke after being out on the Sacramento River with some close friends on June 13th, and Lucas Bennett was born June 14th, at 4:57 am weighing 7 lbs 14.2 ounces and 19 inches long. I was in labor for about five hours, pushed for about 20 min and went home the next day without any major complications. Thank god!

So Taylor is adjusting to being a big sister. She has had some moments of pure temper tantrums, and melt downs, but for the most part it is getting better. She is sleeping through the night in her own bed, and Lucas is still up every hour or so, ( somewhat expected with a newborn). Im exhausted beyond belief, but I know this is only temporary and when Luke starts sleeping, all will be well again! My husband has been wonderful and such a support throughout everything. He is always there helping when I need it and ready to jump when I say the word. LOVE him so much....

Taylor is getting so big now. She is such a talker, talking in her own little language all day long, always holding something up to her ear like its a phone and she's a CEO of some major company. She always has to have the last word, whether your just talking to her or telling her no. She loves mac n cheese, and some days its the only thing I can get her to eat. She loves giving her brother kisses and hugs and is so proud of herself when she brings me his blanket or a diaper. We havent started potty training yet, but her toilet sits in the bathroom and she gets more curious everyday about what its purpose is...

We are done with having the kiddos though, two is enough and one of each is just perfect! I cant waite until Taylor is old enough so we can get pedicures together and go shopping. Joe is excited to have his fishing buddy and hunting partner.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Taylor's First Birthday!

So we had a birthday part for tay's first birthday and invited friends and family over. Some couldn't show, but it was so much fun to watch her play with the other little kids and just visit with our loved ones. We bought her cake from the cake shoppe, and it was worth every penny...Fit for a perfect little ladybug! She wasnt all that into smashing it on her face or getting it on her hands....she is quite the little girl. She was decked out in her ladybug outfit and the decorations were from 1st Wishes. Im still working on the thank you notes but Ill get them finished eventually =) My grandmother and aunt also surprised us by showing up from sacramento, it was So good to see them and Im so glad they could make it....Taylor had everyone there that she loves and it was such a perfect day!

I cant believe my little girl is one already. I cant believe Im five months prego! We find out on thursday what were having, and then can really start getting things ready. Im really glad that were having two babies so close together, they will grow up best friends and always be in school together, which will be awesome for us, get everything done at the same time!

I recently started going back for my BSN in Science of Nursing, one night a week, one paper a week, and some adult conversation with my starbucks. I really , really love it, and I love my classmates too. I cant waite until its done, and Im so glad Im doing it now rather than later. It opens up so many doors for my career and in the future too....Job Security! Lol.....

I will post again when we know what were having!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


So Taylor's First Birthday is right around the corner, next friday. I cant believe she's actually going to be a year old! Seems like just yesterday I was laying in bed with her on my chest, so tiny she fit perfectly. Now she is so big, walking and running at times in circles around our house! She is becoming quite the little princess, but rough houses with her daddy like no other. She's very girlie, and is oh so content with lounging in her pottery barn chair while watching her movies. I miss her when I am working, but I think it's important for us to have some time away and experience adult converstation. My sister takes care of her, and she is so good with her. When I go to pick her up, she comes running full force saying " mama! mama!", its the cutest thing I swear. She gets so excited to see Joe too, its the sweetest thing. He is such a good father, loves her with every cell in his body, and helps me so much. Our marriage has hit some rough spots since having a baby, but I think that everyone goes through that when life changes so drastically. Its hard to balance work, love, household, school, and baby. Sometimes something has to give, and you just have to work at it everyday and make sure you still love each other, and most importantly, are IN love with each other.

So, in other news, back in october we found out that, yes, we ARE EXPECTING ANOTHER BABY! Im now almost four and a half months along, due date is in June. I cant believe were adding another one so soon, but we wanted to start trying again when Taylor was still really young, so they would be close in age, and we would be young parents. I would love to be done by the time were 30, so family trips and vaca's are possible, and diapers are out of the way! Were very excited, and find out what were having Feb 4th. After that we will start planning the nursery, the babies will have to share a room, but I have researched both, girl and boy, and we can make it adorable either way. This pregnancy is SO different than taylor. I have gained half a pound so far....( that is really good for me!) and have felt better this time, with the exception of a few mornings, than when I do when Im not pregnant. So we are thinking its a boy =) but you never know. We will reveal names when we know what we are having !

I am still working Mon, Wed, and Fri, and am enjoying my weekends with my family. Here are some pictures , and there will be more coming of Tay's first bday party! Ladybug theme with balloons, cake, friends and family =)