Saturday, January 30, 2010

Taylor's First Birthday!

So we had a birthday part for tay's first birthday and invited friends and family over. Some couldn't show, but it was so much fun to watch her play with the other little kids and just visit with our loved ones. We bought her cake from the cake shoppe, and it was worth every penny...Fit for a perfect little ladybug! She wasnt all that into smashing it on her face or getting it on her hands....she is quite the little girl. She was decked out in her ladybug outfit and the decorations were from 1st Wishes. Im still working on the thank you notes but Ill get them finished eventually =) My grandmother and aunt also surprised us by showing up from sacramento, it was So good to see them and Im so glad they could make it....Taylor had everyone there that she loves and it was such a perfect day!

I cant believe my little girl is one already. I cant believe Im five months prego! We find out on thursday what were having, and then can really start getting things ready. Im really glad that were having two babies so close together, they will grow up best friends and always be in school together, which will be awesome for us, get everything done at the same time!

I recently started going back for my BSN in Science of Nursing, one night a week, one paper a week, and some adult conversation with my starbucks. I really , really love it, and I love my classmates too. I cant waite until its done, and Im so glad Im doing it now rather than later. It opens up so many doors for my career and in the future too....Job Security! Lol.....

I will post again when we know what were having!

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