Friday, November 27, 2009

First Thanksgiving

Well I have to say that Taylor's first Thanksgiving was a success! We invited both sides, Joe's and mine, over for dinner at one, which came to about 14 people. We have a small house, but everyone was jammed into gills and visiting and loving the company. It was a great sight to look around and see all of the people we love so dearly in one place. I love Moments like that =)

Taylor did extremely well with all of the stimulation. She played with her cousins for a while and then ate some Turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes ( all put into the food processor) Which she absolutley loved! Then she played some more and finally went down for a nap around 3. My father was introduced to our Wii game by my husband, and needless to say a tournament broke out right then and there. The food was awesome, the company great and looking around seeing candles lit, Xmas decor, pies everywhere and people smiling and laughing was the best feeling..Love the Holiday Season!

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