Sunday, October 12, 2008

" Holy Cow, she's kicking the crap out of me!!!"

It is the weirdest experience to feel something inside of you moving around. Kicking, punching, rolling, and stretching seem to be her daily activities lately. When she is on a roll, my husband will place his hand over my belly ( and yes, it practically covers the entire thing) lol, and when he feels her his face lights up like the Griswold's house on Christmas eve. His facial expression is priceless, and something I wish I would have gotten a picture of the first time he felt his daughter. When she has the hiccups, which seem to be at least once a day now, he can feel her jumping and moving and swears she is getting pissed the longer they go on due to her restlessness intensifying...And he's probably right if she is anything like her mother with the whole " patients" isssue....

She seems to start her kicking right around the time I down my first bowl of cereal. ( yes, sometimes I even have TWO!!). And it just continues from there, on and off all day long. Sometimes its our little secret she's poking me, others its not so private as I am popping out of my seat and saying " What was that !!". lol.

So now strangers are coming up asking if they can touch my belly, when I'm due, what I'm having, if it's our first, and if we've decided on a name. And yes, some people don't even ask anymore, they just come right up and put there unfamiliar hand on my stomach and start reciting their own personal experiences with baby making, baby pushing, baby having, and baby raising. Some share more than anyone would ever care to know. But as much as this may rub anyone the wrong way, once again , I am excited beyond words that this entire experience has been placed upon my husband and I.

And I would answer questions from sun up to sun down everyday for the rest of my life if it meant seeing my daughters beautiful face. . . . . . .

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