Saturday, October 4, 2008

The beginning of our Baby Story

Ive decided to share my experience with pregnancy, the good, the bad , the ugly. and all of the glory that goes along with " the belly". I hope you enjoy this day to day journal as this is the first time that I will be experiencing the things that I will be writing about....

I am currently almost 25 weeks pregnant, and I cant tell you how it felt to not be pregnant. I dont remember, it seems like so long ago now. From the moment I found out, I couldnt disassociate the being within me and myself. Ive enjoyed every moment of it, even tho some days have not been as much fun as others.

I knew I was pregnant before I even thought about ripping one of those little boxes with the test strips open and peeing all over the thing. I was laying in bed one morning and felt a wave of nausea come over me, and instantly knew that it was nothing I had ever felt before. I was tired, and I mean the kind of tired that comes along with running a 10K race, then cleaning the entire house top to bottom and finishing the day off with mowing a five acre parcel of land. And all I had done was take a shower. Im bloated, grab my belly everytime I stand up as if its going to fall right off, and seem to gain five pounds by just looking at a loaf of bread. But am thankful every single second of the day for the little girl inside...........

My husband and I officially went off the pill in February. We were going to Wait and " see" what happened. If we got pregnant, then great, if not, it wasnt a big deal. But I sort of had my heart set on it and would shed a little tear when each of the three tests month after month came out negative. We finally got pregnant in April, and I couldnt contain my excitement, so I called my husband and all he could possibly get out was " Oh my god". He is excited beyond words, has always wanted to be a father, and looks at me sometimes like hes saying " thank you so much for carrying my child, I love you".

The first three months were up and down. It was touch and go at times, due to non stop nausea and the stress of working nights. My husband would come home and find my on the couch, one leg slung over and my head hidden behind a mountain of blankets to block out the sun. Poor guy. lol. I knew I needed something different to change the pace and was praying to the pregnancy gods above that a change would whisk the morning, afternoon and night sickness away for good. I switched jobs and just as I did the second trimester came flying in and swept the sickness away for good. Only to be replaced with leg cramps that would bring Arnold to his knees and heartburn that felt like a blow torch was being slung down my throat.

We found out we were having a girl on August 27th, and the pink hasnt stopped since. My husband says he had always wanted a girl,so I guess his dream is coming true =) Me, I didnt care either way. I always knew I was having a boy, just a feeling. I was sooo wrong. As the doctor squirted that icky glue like crap on my belly that is always as cold as hell, and started poking around with the little prod thing, all he could say was " Hmmm.......ah......hmm....". I wanted to grab him by his little tie and scream " Just tell us already! boy or girl!". But just as I started to reach for his throat, he said " Congratulations, your having a baby girl!!". I started laughing hysterically and my husband turned tomato red and looked as if he would need serious medical attention in the near future. But it was a moment neither one of us will ever forget ....

So now that I have brought you up to speed, I will be chronicling day by day this pregnancy up until birth, and maybe then some. I want to share this experience and give my daughter the opportunity someday to read her life's journey in the womb from start to finish. God only knows I love her m0re than anything in this world, and I haven't even met her yet =)

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Jennifer Brown said...

Oh Amiee..You have no idea what beautiful expierences you have ahead of you. Girls are AMAZING. (Blogging is too) But, you and Joe are going to make wonderfuil parents - and little girls bring out the best in Daddies too! Can't wait!