Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Down for the Count

Happy Thanksgiving!!

So this will be the first thanksgiving in four or five years that will not be at our house, and I am so relieved! I loved playing hostess and getting my family and my husbands family together for the holidays, it was always so much fun, but being 32 wks pregnant, the thought of having to organize and clean and cook right now makes me nauseas. LOL. I am however looking forward to seeing everyone and eating the wonderful food that thanksgiving is always known for.

I saw my doctor on Monday, after getting back from Miami. My husband had a convention there for his business, so we decided to go and make the most of it. The airlines required a note from my OB clearing me for the flight, which was no problem. It was so nice and relaxing and sort of a last " hoo- ra " before Taylor makes her grand entrance. I had experienced some cramping before we left for our trip, but didn't say anything to my doctor and thought that it would just go away. I experienced some on our trip, but on the way back, they came on stronger and stronger. He put me on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy ( something that I was hoping wouldn't happen) but the cramping and sharp pains seem to be aggravated by walking and standing for long periods of time , which is what my job mainly entails. So we will see how things go, as of right now she is moving about and jumping around in there. There is a hard pointy part sticking out right below my right rib, and I'm thinking its a foot, but I could be wrong. Who knows how this whole thing will go, I'm just hoping that she stays in there as long as possible and I keep feeling that foot kick me =)

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